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07 February 2013 @ 11:02 am
This is a quick post to leave a message to anyone who wants to follow my blog on blogger

Dri's Diary.

It's not that I post stuff very often but, at least, I do it more than in here.
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27 October 2012 @ 12:03 pm
Hello there!

Today I come with some "old" news: McFLY have released a new videoclip!! I'm so excited about it. No Kpop or Jpop release makes me excited like that (maybe coz we have comebacks too often?) but it's been ages since I felt excited over a McFLY single.

I've been kind of neglecting my all time favourite band for the past two years because of the discovery of Kpop and Jpop/Kanjani8. It's also no secret that I wasn't a big fan of their last album. I enjoy the songs in Above the Noise but I don't love them as much as I love their other songs.This one, however, makes me have the same fangirl feels I used to have when I was a full-time mcflyer (if that makes sense). I really like the sound and the lyrics are so sweet, catchy and cheerful. I've listened a couple of their new songs for the new album that's it's going to be released soon (next month maybe? not sure) and I am pretty sure I will love them as much as this new one. I can't wait to listen to them properly because we all know that fancams audio quality is not the best and I'm dying to hear them in their awesome fully glory.

As for the video... Oh my! This video! Those of you who are fans of this band will understand all the feelings that this video creates. All those references to their past albums, their first singles, the TV programmes they've been to... It's like a memory lane (see the pun there?) of their whole career as a band. And the pink ukelele that Tom plays kills me everytime xD It's an ukelele... And it's pink!! What more can I say?

Oh, look at what the description box for the video on youtube says:
'Love is Easy' is out November 11th
'Memory Lane: The Best of McFly' is out November 26th

So here's the videoclip for Love is Easy:

    Galaxy Defenders Stay Forever    
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22 October 2012 @ 11:11 am
Yesterday, there was Disturbia on TV and that's why I'll put Shia's pic on this post. #randomstuff 

That is totally random because I'm not going to talk about that film at all. I just needed a sentence to start this post which is gonna focus on my ranting over my past weekend.

This past weekend I've went on an outing with the old scout group I used to be  —I don't know how it's called in English, we call it cau so I'll mention it that way in this post— and I'm a bit upset at how some things were organized... or not organized. 

First thing first, one of my best friends called me the other day to ask me if I could come to their outing and help them with the cooking because there were a lot of kids and they would need someone who weren't responsible of a group to do so. I accepted immediately and she told me that she would call again to confirm.

I didn't hear of her that week until last Friday evening when she called me again. She asked me again and I was a bit reluctant to accept because I totally forgot about it, it was very short notice and I barely knew nothing of what and how was organized the cooking stuff. But I didn't want to forsake them and I accepted because I'm such a good friend... So I woke up early in the morning on a Saturday, packed my stuff and went to meet one of the new caps (I don't know the English word, cap is how we call the responsible of the scout group)  because we had to do some errands before going to where we spent the weekend.

I also met a friend who was also leaving the scout group (busy life make us abandon the group *sad*) and I hadn't see her for a while because she studies in an other city so I was very happy with that. I was also happy to be able to share the cooking responsibility with her because she's good at that stuff. So, apart from the fact that it was very rainy all weekend... Everything was fine. Until we found what we had to cook for dinner. What they have brought for us to cook made no sense and it was quite lacking and caps were left with very little to eat. My friend and I only had soup and some bread to eat. What's more, we had no tools or a proper kitchen to cook because of a misunderstanding with the house's owner and we had to use her private kitchen to make dinner for our kids. 

Furthermore, my friend had to leave that night because she had to travel to her new city the day after and I would be left alone with the responsibility of making the lunch on Sunday. The whole situation was very stressful. Again, on Sunday, we didn't have a kitchen to cook and we had to borrow everything from the house owner. I ask for help because I didn't want to do that on my own but anyway, it was not an easy task because the stove the owner lend us was not working and we couldn't cook the rice... That's what the people who organized everything thought we had to have for lunch, a rice salad. I was so shocked at that... How could we present ONLY a rice salad to a lunch with the parents? The parents were coming for lunch and we would only give them a salad? WTF?! 

I was so stressed and upset because, although I was only there to help them and I was not the one responsible to face the parents, I felt kind of responsible and I was very disappointed at their careless attitude with this matter. I told them that this was not the way things are done and, next time, it will have to go differently. The friend I told that understood me and admitted that I had the right to be upset. I told her that I am willing to help them again and I hope I can do it many times. But I'll make sure of how the things are organized and I want to be informed of everything earlier because I do not want to face this stressful situation again.

At the end, I prepared lunch and, moments before lunch, I went home to have a proper meal with the paella my mum cooked yesterday because I was afraid I wouldn't have enough food and I was so hungry. Anyways, apart from that and the rain, I had a nice weekend with lovely kids and a bunch of friends. The place was also quite beautiful:

Wow... that was a long story. hehe
*ranting's over*
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30 August 2012 @ 07:49 pm
What I'm going to write about in this entry is extremely random but I couldn't help myself.

So... I've just started reading Fall of Giants which I bought for St. Jordi's day (23rd of April) but I couldn't put my hands on and open it until now. I've read the first chapter and I'm overexcited about it. So, here's the thing:

There's this kid, Billy, who's being pranked by his seniors on his first day working in the mines in Wales and he's left alone with very little oil in his lamp to work on cleaning an unused tunnel (or gallery or however is called). So, because there's very little oil in the lamp, it's soon extinguished and he's left with no light at all.

And here's where my excitement kind of begun, when he put his shovel in front of his face and he wasn't able to see it AT ALL. He even says that this is how a blind person would feel like. As I was reading this segment, I thought to myself "oh, been there, done that" and then I remembered when I went on a two weeks exchange programme in Wales with my highschool ten years ago and we visited a mine. They switched off the lights when we were there to explain us how dark it got when the lamp's oil extinguished. It was the same as Billy explains in the novel. I actually remember that I put my hand in front of my eyes, at very little distance and I couldn't see it at all. It was as if I had my eyes closed when I hadn't.

This is not the end of my excitement, though. I googled the name of the town where the protagonist lives and I've read that the town that inspired Follet was relatively near the town I stayed during the exchange programme so, I thought... maybe, just maybe, the mines I visited could have been the ones that inspired Follet for his novel.

I know that this is quite an stupid thought and I get excited over very insignificant things that are interest to nobody but I don't care... lol I wanted to share my delusional thoughts anyway hehe

So... this is it. I'm just happy that the extreme heat has gone (at least until sunday) and the weather is absolute perfection right now.

ps: I should open the PS and try to make some new icons. I'm already bored of the ones I have now.

ps2: Oh! And I googled the town where I stayed those two weeks and found it on google maps even though I couldn't remember much the name. So excited to have seen it again. It looks the same as it did ten years ago. I've actually found the store where we used to go after dinner and I "walked" all the way to the house. I've surprised myself realizing that I remembered the way to get there.
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08 August 2012 @ 02:06 pm
I'm bored... I'm reaaaally bored. And I've not update this since I don't know when... I'll write a proper entry as soon as I have anything interesting to talk about. Right now, I'm alone and bored coz I'm on holiday but everyone is busy or away... Yep... forever alone xD
Hopefully, I'll have some fun next week at my mum's village (where she grew up) coz I'm gonna spend like 4 days there with some of my family. Yay for some fresh air from the Pyrenees .

Gonna continue watching jdramas (oh, yes, my new addiction) or maybe Shinhwas broadcast now that I've found it subbed in English... Or maybe I should better have lunch.
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26 February 2012 @ 08:42 pm
The Stark family say that winter is coming but actually is the other way round here xD

It's sunny and, even though we don't have very hot weather yet, it's warm enough to be able to sit outdoors in the cafeterias, which is what my classmates and I did last Friday. I just love so much these moments, I really enjoy the sun warming me up with some drink and sandwich in front of me while talking to my friends.

Now, I just remembered that I have some uni stuff to do. I was supposed to do it before Friday... Ooops ' - ' 
I'm such a bad student, I can't be bothered to do it now... u_u

La la la la la... Lazy sundays are lazy.
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29 January 2012 @ 07:34 pm
What a shitty time of the year!

It's also the time when my city gets all foggy and cold and you can barely see what's in front of you because of the fog. Actually, I went out for a walk last sunday morning and I came back home with my hair totally wet because of the humidity... Like if I had a shower in the middle of the countryside. 

Anyways, seems like there's more sun these days and I only have two exams left on thursday and friday. They are the most fucking difficult of all but I just don't care. I only get stressed with the first two. After they're done, my brain seems to decide that I had enough stress, that I can relax myself and don't give a damn about the following exams... 

Anyways... I need new icons because I'm bored of the ones I have. It's been aaaaaaages since I last used PS but I guess I'll have to get back to it if I really want to have new ones.

Ok, I just did something really stupid. I have tried to drink from an empty cup... I'll better get back to watch Yoko being a weird but absolutely adorable receptionist.
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03 January 2012 @ 02:20 pm
En estos días del año se oye mucho sobre los propósitos y los deseos para el nuevo año. 

Los míos son siempre los mismos y nunca los cumplo: dejar de autopsicoanalizarme(?), ser menos perezosa, tener más voluntad, mejorar como persona o intentar que mis defectos mengüen en la medida de lo posible, ayudar más en casa, ser menos quejica, no dejarme las luces encendidas al salir de las habitaciones y ser menos despistada en general, no tener tanto miedo a salir al mundo… ser menos egocéntrica xDDDDD (me río por lo incongruente de decir eso último en un egopost) …

En cuanto a mis deseos… Solo deseo terminar la carrera este curso y ser capaz de llegar a fin de mes sin tener miedo a no saber si podré pagar mis recibos (eso pasa por encontrar un trabajo… fuuu…). Hay más cosas que quiero (dos más, en concreto) pero esas me las guardo para mí.

I'm just in a weird mood lately...

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27 November 2011 @ 06:27 pm
Well, not really...

I'm not really back, back, like in the way that i-am-gonna-post-something-daily/weekly because I know I won't do it. But I'm gonna write an entry for the first time in almost three years. That is, if we take into account that the last one was written on February 2009.

Loads of things have happened since then. It's impossible to name them all but I can talk about a few: I discovered Kpop, I've been an Erasmus student in Sweden for almost five months (missing it so much already). And recently, like one month ago, a really good friend of mine -- who I didn't know back in February 2009 -- introduced me to the awesome Japanese band Kanjani8. I just love and adore them. Almost as much as I love MBLAQ or McFLY.

This is a shitty entry I'm writing as an excuse to not work on my assignment and because I recently have remembered that I had this LJ account. 

That's it for now. 
23 February 2009 @ 04:32 pm
Why do I have an obsession with someone that is not real?

Sad, sad me.